Human feet are a pure symbol of our soul and the human nature. Feet for the Chinese are tiny mirrors of the body. The feet tell many stories about the people they are connected to. Colour and temperature are important indicators of a person’s state of well-being. How the feet are cared for is a sign of who we care for ourselves. Every area of the foot represents an area of the body, and every reflex is connected to an operation of body function. If there is congestion, pain, swelling, or discomfort on the feet, these are representative of some stressful element in the body and therefore our soul.

ethnic art painting1

10″ in (w) x 14″ in (h) – Soft pastels on paper

ethnic art painting0_ovart_feet

10″ in (w) x 14″ in (h) – Soft pastels, oil painting, rope on paper